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Every 3D animation project we undertake is treated as a distinct creation, brought to life with maximum realism and natural movement based on the software we use for the project and the requirements of the client. Leveraging the skill and experience of our animators, we always strive to create an appealing project with a unique or well thought out style to the best of our ability within the time constraints that we have.

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3D Character Animation

We proudly offer versatile 3D character animation services of a wide range of projects, including realistic video production, cartoons, and science fiction for characters for all shapes and sizes. Our accomplished 3D animation studio provides end-to-end solutions with a decent and good level of quality, catering to projects of varying complexity depending on the studio limitations and client contains and software used in the project.

3D Environment Animation

Our skilled animators meticulously craft immersive environments, accurately representing both exterior and interior settings. Through animation, we breathe life into these environments, incorporating intricate details, realistic textures, and captivating visual effects, creating a rich tapestry that tells a compelling story and immerses viewers in boundless possibilities depending on what the client wishes to have and what is realistically capable in the software we use.

3D Props Animation

To achieve the utmost realism and seamless integration of the virtual and real world, we believe in the power of highly detailed 3D props. In each project, we thoroughly analyze the setting and style requirements to determine the best approach for integrating props into the game world, ensuring a harmonious and immersive experience for the client and for our own employees.

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We specialize in offering motion graphic services that elevate your projects, leaving a lasting impact in the online realm. With our team of skilled animators, we bring good experience to the table, enabling us to assist online businesses and creators in crafting captivating visuals that resonate with their target audience. From promotional videos to interactive content to video game design, and more; we strive to deliver memorable and immersive experiences that stand out in the digital landscape from our larger competitors.
Founded by a young student in high school.



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ceo & project-manager intelx animation
Aviral Tiwari

CEO & Project Manager

Our project manager possesses a comprehensive understanding of product development, enabling them to set clear objectives, ensure timely and high-quality execution, and streamline team collaboration in digital art. The manager excels at department management, distributing responsibilities effectively. Moreover, the PM acts as a bridge between clients and the team, skillfully interpreting client preferences to deliver the desired results within the specified timeframe. Trust us to provide you with an appealing and efficient experience that meets your creative needs.


Art Director

Our dedicated art director takes pride in shaping the artistic mood of future animations, carefully considering customer requirements. And he is responsible for overseeing the entire animation creation process, from concept to delivery, ensuring no detail is overlooked. With their valuable experience in video production, our art director has a keen ability to promptly understand client preferences, guaranteeing the best possible results in a timely manner and staying up-to-date with the latest industry trends.

Technical Artist

As the vital link between artists and developers in the realm of video game creation, our specialist possesses a unique blend of artistic and technical knowledge. The artist expertly integrates digital art assets into the game, ensuring a harmonious balance between preserving the artistic vision and staying within the technical limitations of the platform. With their effective communication skills, they foster seamless collaboration between developers and artists, ultimately achieving a well-balanced project that aligns with the client's needs.


Lead 3D Animator

The lead animator serves as the driving force and organizational backbone of our animation team. Taking charge of planning, organizing, following up, and evaluating the team's work, he ensures that every aspect contributes seamlessly to the project. With a keen eye for detail, he guarantees that our work meets the highest quality standards, aligns with the client's artistic direction, and adheres to the set deadlines for video production. Beyond his role as a leader, he acts as a mentor, offering guidance and expertise in both technical and artistic aspects, nurturing the growth of the team.

Our Fundamental Benefits
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As a relatively new entrant to the industry, we are rapidly gaining knowledge and expertise with the guidance of experienced colleagues, propelling us forward in the gaming, advertisement and freelance industries. Throughout our journey, we have achieved significant milestones that fill us with a sense of pride and will boost our progress in growing our company and improving our services for current and future clients.

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